Isu - institute of oil and coal chemical synthesis institute of oil and coal chemical synthesis
institute%20of%20oil%20and%20coal%20chemical%20synthesis institute%20of%20oil%20and%20coal%20chemical%20synthesis


- 1955

Founded as part of the East-Siberian branch of the Academy of the Sciences of the USSR

- 1960s

during a wave of reforms in education throughout the entire country, science as a field of study and practice was moved to universities to strengthen the academic potential of the field.

- 1963

the academic institute for both fundamental and applied problems appeared as part of the university.

- 1966

by order of the Ministry of Higher Education of the RSFSR, 6 groups and laboratories of the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the University were transferred to the Institute. There was a merger of the subjects of the Institute of Physics and Chemistry, the Departments of the Faculty of Chemistry and the Institute of Oil and Coal Chemical Synthesis (IOCCS).

- 1970s

- in addition to traditional IOCCS' research directions of basic chemical raw materials - oil, coals and natural compounds, according to decision of the State Committee of Science and Technology of the USSR one of the main objectives of the Institute is "Development of new catalysts for petrochemical processes, including hydrorefining of fuel oils, and complex organometallic catalysts".

- the Soviet-Mongolian Complex Khubsugul Expedition was established, the task of which, along with others, included a comprehensive hydrochemical study of the Khubsugul Lake basin, the Selenga River and other water bodies.


The institute is comprised of academic-research schools where knowledge, and most importantly, interest in and passion for research, are conferred.

Many scientific directions that emerged more than 50 years ago to this day have been continuing to develop successfully at the university.

At present, the Institute has

4 laboratories

(Catalysis, Catalytic Processes Kinetics, Organic Synthesis and Polymerization Processes, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry).

The Institute has 47 employees (6 of them are Doctors of Sciences, 15 - Candidates of Sciences).

Catalysis%20Laboratory Catalysis%20Laboratory
Laboratory%20of%20Catalytic%20Processes%20Kinetics%20 Laboratory%20of%20Catalytic%20Processes%20Kinetics%20
Laboratory%20of%20organic%20synthesis%20and%20polymerization%20processes Laboratory%20of%20organic%20synthesis%20and%20polymerization%20processes

In 2021

the Institute has


young associate professors, PhD


PhD students


students of the Faculty of Chemistry

largescale projects