Vice-rector for Research and International Cooperation
Grigorichev Konstantin

Doctor of Sciences (Social Studies)

Head of ISU Research Department
Ivanov Konstantin

Ph.D (History)

Head of the Applied Physics Institute
Tanaev Andrey

Ph.D (Physics and Mathematics)

Head of the Institute of Biology
Timofeev Maksim

Doctor of Scienses (Biology)

Head of the Scientific Research Centre "Baikal region"
Lipnina Ekaterina

Ph.D (Archeology)

Head of the Quantum Chemistry Laboratory
Vitkovskaya Nadezhda

Doctor of Sciences (Chemistry)

Head of the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical biotechnology
Axenov-Gribanov Denis

Ph.D (Biology)

Head of the Research Institute of Oil and Coal Chemical Synthesis
Suslov Dmitry

Doctor of Scienses (Chemistry)

Head of the Scientific Research Institute for Legal Protection of Lake Baikal
Shornikov Dmitry

PhD (Law)

Head of the Center for Ecological Research and Education
Matveev Arkady

Doctor of Sciences (Biology)

Director of the ISU Astronomical Observatory
Yazev Sergey

Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)

Head of the Botanical Garden
Sizykh Svetlana

Ph.D (Biology)