Kiel University’s Delegation Visited ISU
6 June 2019

The main purpose of the visit was discussing further advance of joint educational and scientific projects developed in collaboration for more than 25 years. The guests from Kiel - Andreas Ritter, International Office Deputy Head, and Uta Ulrich, Professor of Water Resources Department at Nature Resources Protection Institute, had a number of meetings with colleagues from ISU at Faculty of Geography, Faculty of Biology and Soil Studies, Faculty of Service and Advertising and Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Informatics. Kiel University representatives visited the office of ISU Vice-rector for Research and International Cooperation, Professor Konstantin Grigorichev as well.

Kiel University is one of the most reliable ISU’s partner universities in Europe.  Nowadays ISU and Kiel University have successfully developed the Double Degree programs in "Environment Management” and  summer schools program, - Konstantin Grigorichev comments on.