Faculty of Service and Advertising

Address: 126 Lermontov St., Irkutsk
Contacts: tel. + 7 (3952) 42-64-17, fax: +7 (3952) 42-59-93
Website: www.sr.isu.ru
E-mail: service@sr.isu.ru

The Faculty of Service and Advertising was opened on the 22nd of March 1997 at the Irkutsk State University.

In 2008, the faculty received a certificate of compliance with international standards on quality management IQNet 9001-2000 (Switzerland) and a certificate of compliance with international standards on quality management CroCert by ISO 9001:2000 (Croatia).

In 2012, an international educating program in intercultural communication studies was launched.

The program gives students the opportunity to study simultaneously at two universities to obtain two diplomas: Irkutsk State University (Faculty of Service and Advertising) and Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland).

Today, 4 student enterprises work at the faculty:

“ReAstat”, an advertising agency, the tourist center

“Magnit”, the employment centre “Start”, and a Marketing Research Laboratory, “MarIs “.

These enterprises cultivate culture, business technology, and professional competences of its students. They were formed in the Irkutsk State University within the grant provided by the European Union within the framework of Tempus – TACIS (Russia, France, and Italy). Since 2010, the Research and Training Center “Sarma” has been operating at the faculty with a base on Baikal. In summer, the centre makes it possible to obtain additional knowledge through seminars and workshops, schools, high schools, and competitions in collaboration with leading Russian and foreign scientists and experts.

Currently, the Faculty of Service and Advertising is a modern, high-tech faculty. Its graduates are in demand in various fields of life in the city, region and country.


  • Service and Service Technology;
  • Tourism;
  • Advertising;
  • Entrepreneurship and Management in Service and Advertising;
  • Natural Sciences;
  • Foreign Languages;
  • Applied Informatics and Records Management;
  • Psychology and Cultural Studies;
  • Mass Communications and Media (based on the Publishing House «Komsomolskaya Pravda –Baikal»);
  • Center for Information Technology.




Full-time Study
Period of Study – 4 years



Advertising and PR

Advertising and PR in Commerce

Cultural Studies

Culture of Mass Communication. Management in Socio-Cultural Sphere

Archives and Records Management

Information Technology in Records Management


Economics of Enterprise

Personnel Management

Personnel Management

Business Informatics



Service in Fashion and Beauty Industry


Technology of Organizing Tour Agencies


Trade Advertising

Hotel Business


Quality Management

Quality Management in Socio-Economic Sphere

Applied Informatics

Applied Informatics in State and Municipal Government



Full-time study
Period of Study – 2 years




Psychology of Mass Communication

Applied Informatics

Reengineering of Business Processes



  • “Mass Communication: Criteria and Methods of Efficiency Assessment”;
  • Regional Problems of Tourism and Hospitality Service;
  • Modern Records Management in Enterprises;
  • Regional Peculiarities of Entrepreneurship in Service and Advertising;
  • Information Technology in Service and Advertising;
  • Social and Economic Aspects of Development in Economy and Management of Small and Medium; Entrepreneurship of the Baikal Region;
  • Mass Communication in a Multicultural Environment.