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Organic Synthesis and Polymerization Processes Lab


Chemistry of Heterocyclic and High Molecular Weight Compounds


State-funded Project by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

(Agreement № № 075-03-2020-176/3; code at the Parus 8 System FZZE-2020-0022)

Grant (financed by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Government of the Irkutsk region, Project № 20-43-383003)

Grant 20-33-90023 (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)

(Agreement 20-33-90023\20)

“Experimental and Theoretical Research on Structure, Reactivity of Catalytic and Physicochemical Properties as well as on Methods for Synthesis Pd-, Ni, and Cr-containing Metal Complexes, Nanoparticles, Polymers, and Materials: New Catalytic Systems, Functionalized Polymeric and Bimetallic Materials, Including Amphiphilic, Biocompatible, and Hybrid” “NH-substituted 5-amino-1,2,3-triazole-4-carboxamide and its derivatives: scaffold-oriented synthesis in the design of bioactive heterocyclic assemblies” “Creating New Biodegradable Polyelectrolytes by Modifying Polysaccharides”



  • The main regularities of macromolecular reactions (reactive blending) involving natural and synthetic polymers containing randomly arranged reactive "anchor" functional fragments in their structure have been identified
  • The capabilities of molecular design of "conetworks" (block copolymer meshes) formed as a result of reactive blending have been demonstrated
  • The concept for using polymers blending of different nature to create hydrogel systems capable of directionally changing their properties under varying environmental parameters has been set


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Professor, Doctor of sciences (Chemistry)
Kyzhnyaev Valery

Head of Laboratory

Leading researcher

Scientific interests: High-molecular compounds


Ph.D (Chemistry)
Sokolnikova (Golobokova) Tatyana

Senior researcher

Scientific intrests: Heterocyclic compounds, Synthesis of functionalized bi- and polycyclic heterocyclic systems

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Ph.D (Chemistry)
Pokatilov Fedor

Senior researcher

Scientific intrests: High-molecular compounds