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Fields of study:

Astroparticle Physics, Multi-Messenger Astronomy, Neutrino and Gamma-ray Astronomy, Hydrophysics, Geophysics


Ongoing projects: 

  1. Gamma-ray astronomy of ultrahigh energies in the TAIGA experiment

  2. Multi-messenger studies of the Universe in large-scale experiments TAIGA and Baikal-GVD

  3. Monitoring of the environment of Lake Baikal

  4. Interdisciplinary research of fundamental problems of astrophysics, radiophysics, physics of near-Earth space and solar-terrestrial relations

The list of top scientific publications:

1. Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger

LIGO Scientific and Virgo and Fermi GBM and INTEGRAL and IceCube and IPN and Insight-Hxmt and ANTARES and Swift and Dark Energy Camera GW-EM and DES and DLT40 and GRAWITA and Fermi-LAT and ATCA and ASKAP and OzGrav and DWF (Deeper Wider Faster Program) and AST3 and CAASTRO and VINROUGE and MASTER and J-GEM and GROWTH and JAGWAR and CaltechNRAO and TTU-NRAO and NuSTAR and Pan-STARRS and KU and Nordic Optical Telescope and ePESSTO and GROND and Texas Tech University and TOROS and BOOTES and MWA and CALET and IKI-GW Follow-up and H.E.S.S. and LOFAR and LWA and HAWC and Pierre Auger and ALMA and Pi of Sky and Chandra Team at McGill University and DFN and ATLAS Telescopes and High Time Resolution Universe Survey and RIMAS and RATIR and SKA South Africa/MeerKAT Collaborations and AstroSat Cadmium Zinc Telluride Imager Team and AGILE Team and 1M2H Team and Las Cumbres Observatory Group and MAXI Team and TZAC Consortium and SALT Group and Euro VLBI Team•B.P. Abbott(LIGO Lab., Caltech) et al. (Oct 16, 2017)

Published in: Astrophys.J.Lett. 848 (2017) 2, L12 • e-Print: 1710.05833 [astro-ph.HE]

2. A gravitational-wave standard siren measurement of the Hubble constant

LIGO Scientific and Virgo and 1M2H and Dark Energy Camera GW-E and DES and DLT40 and Las Cumbres Observatory and VINROUGE and MASTER Collaborations•B.P. Abbott(LIGO Lab., Caltech) et al. (Oct 16, 2017) Published in: Nature 551 (2017) 7678, 85-88 • e-Print: 1710.05835 [astro-ph.CO]

3. The Baikal underwater neutrino telescope: Design, performance and first results

BAIKAL Collaboration•I.A. Belolaptikov(Dubna, JINR) et al. (Feb, 1997) Published in: Astropart.Phys. 7 (1997) 263-282

4. Search for a diffuse flux of high-energy extraterrestrial neutrinos with the nt200 neutrino telescope

BAIKAL Collaboration•V. Aynutdinov(Moscow, INR) et al. (Aug, 2005)

Published in: Astropart.Phys. 25 (2006) 140-150 • e-Print: astro-ph/0508675 [astro-ph]

5. The Tunka-133 EAS Cherenkov light array: status of 2011

S.F. Berezhnev(SINP, Moscow), D. Besson(Kansas U.), N.M. Budnev(Irkutsk State U.), A. Chiavassa(Turin U. and INFN, Turin), O.A. Chvalaev(Irkutsk State U.) et al. (Jan, 2012)

Published in: Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A 692 (2012) 98-105 • Contribution to: RICAP 11 • e-Print: 1201.2122 [astro-ph.HE]

6. Tunka-133: Results of 3 year operation

V.V. Prosin(SINP, Moscow), S.F. Berezhnev(SINP, Moscow), N.M. Budnev(Irkutsk State U.), A. Chiavassa(INFN, Turin and Turin U.), O.A. Chvalaev(Irkutsk State U.) et al. (Aug 21, 2014)

Published in: Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A 756 (2014) 94-101

7. Localization and broadband follow-up of \the gravitational-wave transient GW150914

LIGO Scientific and Virgo and ASKAP and BOOTES and DES and Fermi GBM and Fermi-LAT and GRAWITA and INTEGRAL and iPTF and InterPlanetary Network and J-GEM and La Silla-QUEST Survey and Liverpool Telescope and LOFAR and MASTER and MAXI and MWA and Pan-STARRS and PESSTO and Pi of the Sky and SkyMapper and Swift and C2PU and TOROS and VISTA Collaborations•B.P. Abbott(Caltech) et al. (Feb 26, 2016)

Published in: Astrophys.J.Lett. 826 (2016) 1, L13 • e-Print: 1602.08492 [astro-ph.HE]

8. MASTER Optical Detection of the First LIGO/Virgo Neutron Star Binary Merger GW170817

V.M. Lipunov(Lomonosov Moscow State U. and Sternberg Astron. Inst.), E. Gorbovskoy(Sternberg Astron. Inst.), V.G. Kornilov(Lomonosov Moscow State U. and Sternberg Astron. Inst.), N. Tyurina(Sternberg Astron. Inst.), P. Balanutsa(Sternberg Astron. Inst.) et al. (Oct 16, 2017)

Published in: Astrophys.J.Lett. 850 (2017) 1, L1 • e-Print: 1710.05461 [astro-ph.HE]

9. Search for neutrino emission from relic dark matter in the Sun with the Baikal NT200 detector

Baikal Collaboration•A.D. Avrorin(Moscow, INR) et al. (May 14, 2014)

Published in: Astropart.Phys. 62 (2015) 12-20 • e-Print: 1405.3551 [astro-ph.HE

10. TAIGA experiment: present status and perspectives

  1. Budnev(Irkutsk State U.), I. Astapov(Moscow Phys. Eng. Inst.), P. Bezyazeekov(Irkutsk State U.), V. Boreyko(Dubna, JINR), A. Borodin(Dubna, JINR) et al. (Aug 16, 2017)

Published in: JINST 12 (2017) 08, C08018 • Contribution to: INSTR17

11. The TAIGA experiment: From cosmic-ray to gamma-ray astronomy in the Tunka valley

Budnev(Irkutsk State U.), I. Astapov(Moscow Phys. Eng. Inst.), N. Barbashina(Moscow Phys. Eng. Inst.), A. Barnyakov(Novosibirsk, IYF and Novosibirsk State U.), P. Bezyazeekov(Irkutsk State U.) et al. (Feb 11, 2017)

Published in: Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A 845 (2017) 330-333 • Contribution to: VCI 2016, 330-333

12. Results and perspectives of cosmic ray mass composition studies with EAS arrays in the Tunka Valley

V.V. Prosin(SINP, Moscow), N.M. Budnev(Irkutsk State U.), A. Chiavassa(INFN, Turin and Turin U.), A.N. Dyachok(Irkutsk State U.), S.N. Epimakhov(Hamburg U.) et al. (Jun 9, 2016)

Published in: J.Phys.Conf.Ser. 718 (2016) 5, 052031 • Contribution to: TAUP 2015

13. V. Balkanov et al.( NEMO & Baikal Collaborations)) Simultaneous measurements of water optical properties by AC-9 transmissometer and ASP-15 inherent optical properties in Lake Baikal

//Nucl. Instrum. Meth. 2003. V. A298. P.231-239. e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0207553

14. Schmid M. Lake Baikal deepwater renewal mystery solved

/ M. Schmid, N. M. Budnev, N. G. Granin et al. // Geophysical research letters. -2008. -V. 35, -L09605, -doi:10.1029/2008GL033223

15. Aynutdinov V. Baikal neutrino telescope - an underwater laboratory for astroparticle  physics and environmental studies

/V. Aynutdinov, V. Balkanov, I. Belolaptikov et al //Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A A. -2008. –V.598. –P.282–288. DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2008.08.124

16. Avrorin, V. Aynutdinov, I. Belolaptikov, D.Bogorodsky, N.Budnev et al ASP-15 - a stationary device for the measurement of the optical water properties at the NT200 neutrino telescope site

// Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A 2012. – V.693. -P 186-194. DOI 10.1016/j.nima.2012.06.035

17. Tsimitri, Chrysanthi; Rockel, Burkhardt; Wüest, Alfred; Budnev, Nikolay M.; Sturm, Michael; Schmid, Martin  Drivers of deep-water renewal events observed over 13 years in the South Basin of Lake Baikal 

//Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 2015. Volume 120, Issue 3, pp. 1508-1526 DOI: 10.1002/2014JC010449  

18. Korotaev S.  Baikal Electromagnetic Experiment

/S.M. Korotaev, N.M. Budnev, V.O. Serdyuk, D.A. Orekhova,// Izvestiya, Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics, 2018, Vol. 54, No. 11, pp. 1569–1594

Primary investigator

Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)
Budnev Nikolay

Principal researcher (Laboratory of Elementary Particle Astrophysics and Gamma Astronomy)

Dean of the Faculty of Physics

Scientific intrests: Astroparticle physics, Neutrino and Gamma-ray astronomy, Hydrophysics, Geophysics

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