Sociological Laboratory for Studying Regional Problems and Innovations

Sociological Laboratory for Studying Regional Problems and Innovations was founded in October, 2007.
The Laboratory was created with the prospective purpose to conduct scientific research and carry out educational work (pre-graduation and work experience internships) in the fields of “Sociology” (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees awarded) and “Sociological Sciences” (post-graduate studies), to organize and undertake research and investigation in sociology, and to attain expert knowledge.  
The Laboratory’s main purposes are:
1. to conduct and promote academic research along the priority lines of scientific investigation of the Institute of Social Sciences, to carry out sociological research in the sphere of regional problems and innovations, to encourage students’ participation in research groups on projects under investigation;
2. to contribute to enhancing professional competence and improving practical skills gained by university students;
3. to expand training opportunities for academic and teaching staff. 
The Laboratory’s current priority lies in implementing research projects on studying the region’s social space. The project “Innovative model and strategy for extensive partnership between educational systems and subjects of regional development” has been under way as the basic one since 2013.  
Address: Office 105, 1 Lenin St., 664025 Irkutsk
Tel./fax: +7 (3952)521-561
E-mail: sociolab@bk.ru