Scientific Research Centre “Baikal region”

Scientific Research Centre “Baikal region” is an ISU division engaged in archaeological and ethnographic work. Founded in 1992 on the basis of ISU scientific research center of international programs in humanities, the Centre was registered under the current name in 2000.  
The predominant functions performed by the Centre are to conduct fundamental academic research within the framework of the thematic program set offered by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, to participate in international research projects implemented through support of science foundations, to carry out educational and teaching activities, to offer historical and cultural expertise, and to undertake activities aimed at preserving objects of archaeological heritage.  
Researchers working in the Centre have conducted thorough studies of many unique archaeological objects. Cultural and chronological concepts and paleo-ecological research and reconstruction are developed from the regional perspective, significant current issues are under investigation in the sphere of paleocultures that were formed and developed throughout the area of Northern Asia.  
Research areas:
•Paleolithic Studies 
The concept of Late Paleolithic (late glacial) archaeological cultures’ development in the area of Baikal Siberia was offered. Geo-archaeological scale for the second half of the Sartan Glacial Period was offered. Research was done of the “archaeological gap” situation at the final stage of the Paleolithic Period in Baikal Siberia and explanatory models for the phenomenon were outlined. 
•The Neolithic Period and the Bronze Age in the southern part of Middle Siberia  
Models offered: Baikal Siberia’s ancient population’s economic activity, ritual practice, and adaptation to environmental changes throughout the Holocene age. Problems considered: Ancient migration patterns, population mobility, social relations in the Neolithic and Bronze periods in the region.  
Research undertaken: Pottery Neolithic complexes in the southern area of Middle Siberia, their origin, spreading, dating techniques, and chronology; problems of radiocarbon dating when applied to archaeological objects; impacts produced by ancient carbon on dating specimens.  
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E-mail: baikal-region@artifact.isu.ru