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Law Institute


Department of the Theory and History of State and Law


Topical problems of lawmaking and law-enforcement activities in the Russian Federation. State regulation of ethno-confessional relations



Scientific papers published, including monographs, articles in specialized journals, abstracts of presentations at scientific conferences and colloquiums.


I. Arzumanov




Department of Constitutional Law


Problems of regionalization and local self-governance



Published monographs and articles in specialized magazines.

Organize annual specialized sections and round tables at scientific conferences where lectures are given on current problems of regionalism and local self-governance.
Regularly, by a request of regional government bodies and local authorities, expert assessments conducted of regional and local regulatory legal acts;  in addition, lecturers from the department carry out consultations for officials and government bodies as well as local self-government on practical problems of law-enforcement activities in the sphere of regionalism and local self-government



Department of Civil Law


Practical problems of lawmaking and law-enforcement activities in private law

Scientific papers published based on scientific trends.
Prepared and conducted the XII Colloquium of Romanists of Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, and round-table discussions on the reformation of the civil legislation (the Department's conclusions on these issues are sent to amendment authors).




Practical issues of labour law and social law


Publication of scientific papers.

O. Paryagina


Department of Criminal Law


Practical issues of juvenile crime. Peculiarities of juvenile criminal liability. Reintegration of juvenile offenders


Practical implementation of types of work with juvenile offenders in a correctional facility.

Practical implementation of interdepartmental assistance councils  for the prevention of convicts without isolation from society during  re-socialization.
Publication of scientific papers, defense of the dissertation research.  


M. Suturin



History of criminal law of Ancient Russia

Publication of scientific papers, work on doctoral dissertation is finished.

E. Georgievsky 


Department of International Law and Comparative Law Studies



Law and political regimes


Prepared over 30 scientific papers on the theme, including eight articles in the list of journals of Higher Attestation Commission.

Work on the doctoral dissertation.

M. Tirskikh


Practical problems of comparative private law


Published articles in specialized law journals.

Prepared translations of the Civil Code of the Republic of Korea and of the Kingdom of Spain (manuscript).

D. Shornikov


Department of Judicial Law


Judicial protection of the rights of citizens and organizations.


Publication of monographs, defense of PhD theses.

Regular publication of scientific papers

Scientific works continuously published.