ISU students have completed a language internship at the University of the Republic of Korea
7 September 2023

Soon, 4 students of Irkutsk State University will receive certificates of language level improvement, which will become one of the significant achievements in the portfolio and an undeniable advantage in employment.

During one semester, under the guidance of teachers of Pai Chai University in Daejeon, they learned the subtleties of the Korean language and got acquainted with the culture of the country. After completing the internship under the exchange program, the ISU IIEL students shared their experience.

Diana Aleshonkova:

“Thanks to the trip, I had the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. This is my first trip abroad, so I was very anxious, but all my worries disappeared, because here I made a lot of good friends from different countries and studied under very competent and kind teachers. I traveled a lot and every day I practiced my Korean language communicating with people.”

Alexandra Zolotovskaya:

“Enrolling in the university at the Department of Oriental Languages, I did not even imagine that in two years I would be on an internship in South Korea. It was difficult at first, but we quickly got used to it and had a good time. Spring came quite early, one blossom followed another, so the nature here is quite colorful and the weather was pleasantly warm. Although we studied for only one semester, we have already managed to fall in love with the life and culture of Korea.”

Daria Shpakova:

“Thanks to the wonderful teachers, classes have always been interesting and fruitful. And after studying, you could chat with other students and new Korean friends, continuing to naturally develop your conversational Korean language skills. I am very grateful for the chance and hope to get maximum of useful experience out of this trip.”

Polina Kim:

“I made a lot of friends at the university, we spent our free time together. In Korea, everyone is very friendly and understanding, they treat foreigners very well. I am very happy and glad that I had such an opportunity to fulfill my dream.”