Korean Language and Culture Camp on Lake Baikal
2 August 2023

For the second time at ISU hosted a Korean language and culture camp, which was attended by schoolchildren and students from the Irkutsk region. The events organized by the Department of Oriental Studies of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the ISU Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communication were held on Lake Baikal from July 20 to 27.

The participants uncovered the mysteries of the Korean language, got acquainted with Korean culture through movies and lectures, engaged in K-pop dancing. There was also a place for entertainment in the camp program: the weather made it possible to hold various games and contests every day.

This year, two students came to the camp on Lake Baikal from Chosun University (Gwangju, Republic of Korea). This Korean university is a long-standing partner of ISU, ISU Korean studies students are going there for their internships every year. Thanks to students from Korea, the participants practiced oral speech with native speakers and learned first-hand about the culture and customs of Koreans.

The results of the language camp were summed up by the organizers, teachers of the Department of Oriental Studies of the ISU Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communication Ekaterina Salangina and Ayuna Orsoeva:

“Every time the Korean language and culture camp on Lake Baikal attracts more and more attention. The program is quite saturated, there is not a single spare minute. In the morning, there are three Korean language classes, including with native speakers, followed by dance class, movie session, lecture on culture and discussions. In the evening – quests and games. Everybody took part in the events with great pleasure and interest, expressed their opinions on different issues of discussion, made their suggestions. The successful experience of the second camp allows us to hope that next year our old and new friends will plunge into the magical world of Korean culture together again.”