Summer camp in Japan
19 July 2023

In Japan, the city of Kanazawa is currently hosting ISU students. They came to the land of the rising sun for a summer camp to learn the subtleties of the Japanese language and get acquainted with Japanese culture.

Participation in the summer camp of Japanese language and culture for three students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the ISU Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communication became possible thanks to the partnership of Irkutsk State University with Kanazawa Seiryo University. This cooperation began back in 2001 and it continues today.

The program of the 11-day summer camp is very intense. The organizers tried to ensure that in such a short period the participants could fully immerse themselves in the Japanese atmosphere. ISU students Maria Volodina, Elizaveta Artyukhova and Anton Satsuk about the summer camp:

“Our stay in Kanazawa began at the train station, where we met Keiko Inoshita, a representative of the international department at Kanazawa Seiryo University. Two more participants of the “2023 Short-term Japanese Language and Culture Program” arrived with us – they were from Taiwan.

Of course, we visited the university itself. The staff of the university's international department and several Japanese students were working with us – they were very friendly by the way. They gave us a tour, showed us the campus, the classrooms, told us about the history of the educational institution and about its current state.

Lectures at the camp are interesting, for us the most important thing is immersion in the language environment. I must say that, despite our concerns, we understand and we are understood, and this means that we were given an excellent base at the university. Nevertheless, here we receive knowledge in a concentrated way, which is facilitated by Japanese teachers – very kind, understanding and responsive.

We also have some free time. Of course even then we are still studying. We walk a lot around Kanazawa – a small, but very nice and cozy city. There are many different shops, beautiful old streets, houses, restaurants with delicious Japanese food. The city evokes positive emotions and leaves pleasant impressions. We still have many different events ahead of us, such as a tea ceremony, a trip to an international camp, a guided tour around Kanazawa, and so on. We are looking forward to it all!”