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University Grove: Spring renewal
24 May 2023
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More than 200 people, students and teachers of the ISU Law Institute, went out to clean the University Grove to clear it of garbage accumulated over the long and cold winter months.

Holding the “spring renewal” has become a good tradition for students and teachers of the ISU Law School. The birch grove at the Institute is lovingly called “green lungs” and it is constantly taken care of and kept clean by many generations of ISU lawyers.

This year, the territory of the University Grove was divided into separate sections, each of which was given to each group of students. Despite the cool and cloudy weather, all the participants of the environmental campaign for several hours carefully and with great pleasure cleaned the grove from last year's foliage, dry branches, bottles, plastic and other debris accumulated over the winter.

Marina Mityukova, Deputy Director of the Institute for Educational Work:

"For many years, caring students and teachers of the Institute have been coming out to clean our grove. It should be noted that there are more and more people who want to clean and tidy up every year. For us, this is not only an event to improve and clean the territory, but also a great opportunity for students to become united and responsible for the land where we live, to show care and respect for the environment."

Anastasia Vishnyakova, Chairman of the trade union organization of students of the Institute:

"For me, participation in environmental events is an opportunity to feel part of a friendly and united team of like-minded people, to do a good deed and contribute to the care of our neighborhood."

By the efforts of students and teachers of the ISU Law Institute, 4800 m2 were cleaned, more than 15,000 kg of garbage removed, the playground area put in order. Now the University Grove looks well-groomed, clean and ready for the long-awaited Siberian summer.