ISU scientist gave lectures at a Kazakhstan University
17 May 2023

Konstantin Grigorichev, ISU Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation, delivered a course of lectures at the Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University.

Konstantin Grigorichev is a Doctor of Sociology, a well-known specialist in the field of urban and demographic research. The Irkutsk scientist presented the results of interdisciplinary research themed “The impact of suburbanization on demographic processes” to the listeners of the Kazakhstan University (students, doctoral students, university teachers).

Eleonora Stolyarova, employee of the Research Center Алтайтану:

“This event was made possible thanks to the long-term scientific ties between our universities and scientists, that became institutional after the signing of the interuniversity cooperation agreement in October 2022. We are very grateful to the management of our universities for their support in organizing the event. We are confident that our cooperation will bring a lot of benefits to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of the university.”

According to the lecture organizers, the speeches of the invited speaker aroused great interest and prompted a lot of questions due to the relevance of the topics. It should be noted that Konstantin Grigorichev became a scientific consultant to Didar Seitzhanov, doctoral student of the educational program “History” of Sarsen Amanzholov EKU.

The lectures were held within the framework of cooperation between ISU and Sarsen Amanzholov EKU. The purpose of the lectures is to kindle an interest in research activities and increase competitiveness in the labor market.

Photos: Sarsen Amanzholov EKU