ISU entered the first league of the National Aggregate Ranking of Russian universities
5 April 2023

Irkutsk State University entered the first league of the National Aggregate Ranking of Higher Educational Institutions of Russia and took the first place among Irkutsk universities. In the league, ISU is placed 24th out of 80.

The National Aggregate Ranking combines the strengths of different assessment procedures (rankings, accreditation systems and open databases). It is published for the fifth time and now it is practically becoming the basis for monitoring higher education in the country. The methodology of the National Aggregate Ranking includes 12 separate reputable rankings that meet the requirements of publicity, stability, mass character and periodicity (such as Interfax, RAEX, the Hirsch index, Forbes, HeadHunter and others).

This year's ranking includes 686 universities, divided into 10 leagues. The highest is the Premier League. It included 44 universities, mainly participants of the “Priority 2030” project, including 21 NRUs, 7 federal and 3 flagship universities.

The next league is the first – the league that includes Irkutsk State University. In the first league, there are 80 universities, among them a number of national research universities and participants of the “Priority 2030” state program, which are ranked lower than ISU.

It should be noted that there are nine of the Irkutsk universities in the National Aggregate Ranking. Closest to ISU was INRTU, which also entered the first 50 universities of the first league. The rest of Irkutsk universities are marked in the leagues, starting from the third to the ninth, designated as the “zone of concern”.

The results of the National Aggregate Ranking were published by the independent association “Guild of Experts in Vocational Education”.