Isu - News - Russia-Korea teleconference: meeting of Korean and Russian students Russia-Korea teleconference: meeting of Korean and Russian students
Russia-Korea teleconference: meeting of Korean and Russian students
31 March 2023

A teleconference was held at Irkutsk State University, which united students of the Institute of Foreign Languages of Dankook University (Republic of Korea) studying Russian and students of the ISU History Faculty studying Korean.

The organizers timed the teleconference to the World Historian's Day, which is celebrated on March 28. On this occasion, the participants of the event prepared tasks for each other: students of the Korean university – a quiz on the history of Korea, students of Irkutsk – interactive activities, that can help learn about the Russian language and culture. Of course, there were informal questions – young people shown keen interest in student life in Russia and Korea, talked about themselves, their hobbies.

Yulia Puchkova, 2nd year student in International Relations, ISU Faculty of History:

“Thanks to the online meeting, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with Korean students, which will definitely serve as motivation to continue learning the language and improving in it. We had a good time, I hope the Korean students were as interested as we were.”

The teleconference, which united Irkutsk and Korean students, became another event of the Korean Center of the ISU International Institute of Economics and Linguistics. Events are organized in collaboration with two Korean partner universities: Dankook University – the Institute of Foreign Languages, Sogang University – the Faculty of International Business and Languages of the Center for Multicultural Studies.


Evgenia Kolodina, Director of the ISU IIEL Korean Center:

“The teleconference, as well as other similar meetings, helps to maintain people-to-people ties, increase the level of linguistic competence and fits well into the concept of higher education and the development of cultural communication. We, as organizers, being in close cooperation with Korean universities, decided to determine the range of issues relevant to the young people and put it into discussion during the next similar events.”