12th International Conference “Ancient Cultures of Mongolia, Baikal and Southern Siberia, and Northern China”
22 March 2023

Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the 12th International Conference “Ancient Cultures of Mongolia, Baikal and Southern Siberia, and Northern China”. Planned date and venue: September 25–30, 2023, Irkutsk, Russia.

The conference, according to the established tradition, is organized by one of its co-organizing institutions from Russia, Mongolia, or China. Participants exchange information in the field of studying the archaeological and traditional cultures of Mongolia, Baikal and Southern Siberia, Northern China and adjacent regions in order to develop international and interdisciplinary scientific cooperation.

The conference work will be organized in sessions within the framework of the traditional fields of the conference on the study of the cultures of Central, Eastern and Northern Asia:

  • Stone Age
  • Bronze and Early Iron Ages
  • Epoch of Nomadic Empires
  • Ethnogenesis and Cultural Genesis
  • Paleogeography and Paleoecology
  • Methods of Natural Sciences in Archaeology

Official conference languages are Russian, Chinese, Mongolian, and English (reports with translation).

As part of the conference, excursions are planned with visits to archaeological sites of the Belaya river, Lena river and Lake Baikal.

Forms of participation in the conference:

1) Personal participation with the verbal report

2) Remote participation with the presentation of an online report (by webinar service)

Until May 1, 2023 participants should fill out an application form at the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSekC5ungqAqviWMCkhanYQwD1S68SPfbfNmvz9ebeUjGp_npw/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0

Papers for publication are accepted to the drkult2023@yandex.ru until June 15, 2023. The organizing committee reserves the right to reject papers that do not meet the requirements or conference subject and sent after the deadline.

Travel, accommodation, and travel expenses are paid by the conference participants themselves or by the sending party.


Dmitrii Zolotarev (Executive Secretary), Darima Markhaeva, Olesya Rakhmatullina, Taisia Snarskaya, Alexandra Spasibko, Anna Torokhova, Zorikto Ukhinov, Ivan Shegutov

Phone: +7(3952)521533, +79641114324

E-mail: drkult2023@yandex.ru

Сonference website: https://ancient-asia.ru

Scientific Research Center “Baikal region” (Irkutsk State University) website: https://artifact.isu.ru