Lunar New Year was celebrated at ISU
15 March 2023

At the Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Philology of ISU Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communication students and teachers of the Buryat Philology Department celebrated the coming of the New Year according to the lunar calendar – Sagaalgan.

In the traditions of the Buryat people, participants expressed good wishes and solved riddles. Students danced different types of yohor (ethnic round dance), sang folk and modern songs. Beautiful voices of the first-year students Irina Budaeva and Elvira Darzhaeva and a third-year student Rosanna Baranova stood out the most.

The students told how to cook one of the traditional dishes – boova, then treated everyone present to it. The spirit of ancient traditions was embodied in the contest “Һэер шаалган” (breaking the backbone), in which the 2nd year student Soiol Shoydokov was recognized as the best.

Students of the ISU Faculty of Foreign Languages as part of the ensemble of Korean drums “Lotus” congratulated on the White Month all those present. They were also joined by the 1st-year students of the direction “Applied Philology”. Dean of the Faculty Ahmed Mammadov, Assistant Director for Social and Extracurricular Work Ekaterina Sumarokova, Head of the Department of Buryat Philology Elena Sharakshinova congratulated those present at the event as well.

The holiday ended with a big yohor, symbolizing the arrival of spring and all the best things in life.