ISU foreign students took part in the conference “Readings of the Institute of Foreign Languages 2023”
14 March 2023

ISU foreign students took part in the II International Scientific and Practical Conference “Инязовские чтения – 2023” [Readings of the Institute of Foreign Languages 2023], which is held by the Moscow State Linguistic University Council of Young Scientists.

Evgenia Kolodina, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Head of the ISU IIEL Department of Linguistics and Linguodidactics: “Participation of foreign students studying Russian as a foreign language in student conferences is a staple of the educational process, that helps to develop learning skills. The skills of public speaking and selecting material on a specific topic independently as well as writing and speaking skills are formed in the process of this work.”

The conference program consisted of theme plenary sessions devoted to the issues of modern linguistics, interdisciplinary approach in teaching translation and foreign languages, and other areas of humanities knowledge. There was also a round table on digital linguistics and an expert round table on specialization in translation.

Song Luling and Zhao Hongyu, 3rd-year students of the “Linguistics” course of the ISU International Institute of Economics and Linguistics, presented reports on their research:

  • “Particularities of the associative-semantic field of the stimulus word “Russia” (supervisor – Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Anastasia Kaverzina)”,
  • “Сategory of politeness as a communicative value in Russian and Chinese linguistic cultures (according to phraseology)” (supervisor – Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Vladimir Borovik).

Zhao Hongyu: “I would like to express my gratitude to the direction of the Institute for the opportunity to attend the conference. I have always been interested in languages and cultural exchange between countries. This conference allowed me to communicate and interact with students from different countries.”

Song Luling: “I was a little nervous before giving the report, but thanks to the preparation at the university I was able to perform well and get a certificate. It makes a big difference, makes me more confident and motivated.”