Isu - News - Success in the research activity of an ISU student from China Success in the research activity of an ISU student from China
Success in the research activity of an ISU student from China
9 March 2023

Hu Jiaxu, ISU student from China, received a high assessment of the results of his research – for a report at the international scientific and practical conference Regional Programs of Import Substitution. Also, the recognition of his scientific activity was the publication of co-authorship scientific articles in Russian in the journal of the Higher Attestation Commission “Management Accounting” and in English in the journal of the RSCI Regional Programs of Import Substitution.

Student Hu Jiaxu is studying on the 3rd year of Bachelor's degree in Economics at the ISU International Institute of Economics and Linguistics. This academic year he began to engage in research activities under the guidance of the Institute's teachers Irina Shilnikova and Tatiana Maletina. As early as November, the student took part in an international conference: he prepared a report on the economic analysis of import of the People's Republic of China.

Hu Jiaxu: "PRC is a large trading country and its import plays a big role in the international trade. The aggravation of the global political situation, increasing of sanctions, COVID-19 epidemic have significantly affected the volume and conditions of trade operations of the PRC and partner countries. To understand the current situation and formulate proposals to overcome the PRC import crisis, a significant amount of official statistical data was collected and processed, cause-and-effect relations between events occurring in foreign trade were determined."

The International scientific and practical conference in English, at which students present their economic research, is held annually at IIEL ISU. Traditionally, the conference is attended by students enrolled in the professional retraining program "Interpreter in the field of professional communication". This time it was attended by students from other areas of training as well.

Irina Shilnikova, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Head of the IIEL ISU Department of European Languages:

"This year we were pleasantly surprised by the participation of foreign students with a good level of English. Jiaxu demonstrated a high professional level of using modern digital tools for collecting and processing information, as well as visualization of research results. Moreover, he freely presented the results of his research in English and actively participated in the discussion."

The teachers of IIEL ISU emphasize that students need to participate in research activities for the development of a creative personality that can adapt to modern conditions, and also note that it’s in the process of this activity that such individual qualities as proactivity, passion for work, an active need for respect and recognition are often manifested and developed.

Tatiana Maletina, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the IIEL ISU Department of Economics and Trade Policy:

"Jiaxu always studied well, but when he started researching an urgent scientific problem, we were amazed – how unexpectedly his best qualities, skills and abilities were revealed. We worked together as a team for a common goal, but he was always at the center of this process. Everyone worked in sync, with responsibility, enthusiasm and on equal terms. The goal has been achieved, the project is complete and it's wonderful. What’s even more pleasing – is that we saw and helped the student to reveal his talent."