Isu - News - Keeping up with the current trend of digitalization of education Keeping up with the current trend of digitalization of education
Keeping up with the current trend of digitalization of education
14 February 2023

Representatives of the ISU International Institute of Economics of Linguistics (IIEL) took part in events in Moscow aimed at introducing electronic educational tools and content in the educational process.

The first event was the presentation of the infrastructure solution “Digital Classroom” – one of the innovative international projects of the educational space for schoolchildren and students. Samsung Electronics Rus Company together with the Russian company Smart Life gave the presentation in the showroom of display solutions Samsung Electronics Rus.

Oleg Arkhipkin, ISU IIEL Director:

“The demonstrated platform will be helpful from the point of view of its use for students studying foreign economic activity, current trends in the world economy and foreign languages in the field of professional activity. In addition, this meeting made it possible to establish contacts with potential employers and representatives of organizations which are the base for internships of students of our institute.”

Continuing the work, representatives of ISU IIEL took an active part in the scientific and methodological seminar “Problems of development and implementation of electronic textbooks in the linguodidactic process”, dedicated to the normative, organizational and methodological problems. The seminar was held on the platform of the Institute of Foreign Languages of the Moscow City Pedagogical University. The participants discussed the problems of developing an electronic foreign language textbook, modern requirements for electronic textbooks and for the practice of their application in Russia and Korea.

Evgenia Kolodina, Head of the ISU IIEL Department of Linguistics and Linguodidactics:

“The gained knowledge will allow us to adopt the best practices in the field of digitalization of education of the country's leading universities. During the round table, we strived to develop joint initiatives for the academic and teaching community aimed at further research and project work. Moreover, as a result of the meetings, the prospects for the participation of IIEL employees in the development of an educational module on the Korean language were discussed.”