The Image of a Woman in the Sculpture of Ancient People
14 July 2022

Professor Ekaterina Lipnina presented the report during the International workshop on Archaeology in Isntanbul, Turkey.

The report "The Image of a Woman in Paleolithic Venus Sculptures of Northern Asia" is to analyze the collection of female sculptural images (31 samples) found as a part of the archaeological sites of the Paleolithic culture in the area of Malta village (Irkutsk region).

Professor Lipnina commented on:

The explored collection is the only and unique in its diversity of images for the territory of Northern Asia as well as the most numerous in the number of samples of Paleolithic Venus in the Paleolithic site in the world. The questions of morphology of the earliest female images, manufacturing and ornamentation techniques and possible interpretation of the semantics of these sculptures in the practice of their use by ancient man were considered. The study was carried out within the framework of the mega-grant project funded by the Government of the Russian Federation "Baikal Siberia in the Stone Age: At the Crossroads of Worlds".

The workshop was attended by the specialists from different areas of research, scientific institutions and countries: Turkey, Russia, and Kazakhstan. The presented reports were devoted to the early period of Turkic history, the issues of linguistics and interaction of the Proto-Turkic cultures with the peoples mastering the Eurasian space at different stages of history.

At the closing ceremony of the event, a draft resolution on the establishment of an international association for the study of various aspects of Proto-Turkic and Turkic cultures, and the realization of joint international projects in the sphere of Humanities and Arts was discussed.