Feedback from ISU alumni
14 July 2022

The time for exams and defenses of final diploma projects is coming to an end. Among the graduates of Irkutsk State University there are foreign students who also successfully passed all the tests and will soon be awarded a diploma.

The International Institute of Economics and Linguistics is one of the educational departments of ISU where foreign students study. This year 68 foreign students are graduating from the IIEL:

  • 34 bachelors graduated from “Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures” and “Economics” programmes,
  • 34 masters graduated from “Trade”, “Economics”, “Linguistics (Russian as a foreign language)” programmes.

Graduates share with us their thoughts and impressions: 

Ma Jin Yu:

After defending my master's thesis, on such a happy day, today I remember my student years.

In 2016, I entered the first year of undergraduate studies at the International Institute of Economics and Linguistics. From that moment I fell in love with this place, this city. I made many friends from different countries and regions of Russia, we studied and lived together. The clean and comfortable environment of the campus made our classes more comfortable. We often spent time in the library nearby, studied and talked with teachers in the classroom, enjoyed playing basketball with friends at the gym, prepared concerts and festivals together with teachers. It was a happy time!

In addition, I would like to thank all the teachers who helped me in my student life, especially Mrs. Anastasia Kaverzina. She helped me not only in my studies, but also in life. She told us about Russian culture and customs so that we could better understand Russia in addition to professional knowledge.

Although due to the pandemic in the last two years I couldn’t come to Russia to study in person, but we studied online via zoom, this is a great opportunity to communicate and study together with respected teachers and dear classmates.

It's a little unfortunate that I've already graduated from the university and won't be able to come back to these classrooms as a student, but I'm still happy because it will be the best memory of my life.

Wang Ting:

In September 2017, I started training at the Preparatory Faculty of Irkutsk State University. We studied a lot of subjects: Mathematics, History, Social Science, Literature, etc. The lecturers at the faculty turned out to be very kind and sympathetic, they took us to various museums and churches in Irkutsk. In September 2018 I got into my first year. I should mention here that the teachers at the institute are very professional and responsible. In June of this year, my classmates and I finished our educational path at ISU. During the writing of our diploma project, the teachers sincerely helped us and gave us effective recommendations. We really love the university and the teachers.

Wang Jing:

It is the first time I went abroad to enter the university in Irkutsk. Since then, I consider Irkutsk my second hometown. I was very happy when I was at university. Because I met students from different countries and different places, met teachers who helped us a lot and taught us. At the university, we studied Economics, Languages ​​and Computer Science, had the physical education classes. From time to time we took part in the competitions that contributed to the exchange of students from different countries. Compared to the online classes, I prefer attending classes at the university offline. I like the city of Irkutsk. I love my university, I love my groupmates and teachers!

Ulziit Bayarmaa:

I want to express my deep gratitude to the teaching staff, who have been teaching us for four years. Special thanks to my supervisor Dr. Evgenia Kolodina for her professionalism and invaluable assistance in the process of preparing and correcting the thesis. Thank you for always encouraging me. You really did the impossible as I honestly couldn't imagine achieving what I did without your guidance.

Liu Yuanyuan:

During two years that I studied at ISU (master degree level), all the teachers showed care, attention, worried about us both in study and in life. I am especially grateful to my supervisor Dr. Elena Krainova. She helped me a lot, provided useful advice to my thesis. In general, the institute has a strong creative team of teachers, a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to them, I not only learned the language, but also got to know the people, culture, history, met wonderful people. And I gradually fell in love with ISU, Irkutsk, Russia.

Jiao Lulu:

The university gave me an opportunity to develop myself as a person. I obtained practical and theoretical knowledge that I use every day. I gained useful skills such as teamworking, negotiating, finding common ground, convincing and defending my point of view. At the institute, I learned a lot about the culture of Russia and fell in love with this country even more. Every teacher here is of a very high level and helps students to solve problems. I especially want to thank my teacher from the Preparatory faculty Mrs. Lyudmila Borodina and my scientific adviser of the master's program Mrs. Tatyana Maletina. They helped me a lot - I studied in the same warm atmosphere as in my family. The time of study has passed joyfully and quickly. Due to the two-year epidemic, many of my classmates were in China and could not return to the class. Our institute also offered special online training and educational websites were created for the students. The teachers did their best to provide students with the best learning environment and also encouraged me to study.