Educational training for ISU students at Anshan Normal University
14 July 2022

The online educational training of #ISU students at the Anshan Normal University came to an end.

After completing the course, the ISU students shared their experience:

Balzhid Banzaraktsaeva:

Before the course, I had some doubts concerning my language level, I was afraid that it would be too difficult to catch the information. Nevertheless, everything went smoothly: friendly atmosphere, polite lecturers and responsive students.

Ekaterina Kostenko:

The online format of education is the best alternative today. Of course, I would like to go to China and get an educational internship there, but everything went fine offline. Although, of course, from time to time it was difficult to maintain focus not losing the interest. But in this case the main thing is the student’s motivation to gain knowledge.

Valeria Basova:

I remember the first interview because it was the first exciting experience I encountered at during the educational internship. The first lessons when you are just adapting and trying to adjust your life to a new timetable. Another bright moment was the beautiful calligraphy. During the breaks, the teachers played Chinese music, movies and cartoons, we were able to find something new for ourselves. Recently one of the teachers showed us her photos from a trip to China when she was a student, it was very cute. And, of course, we all remembered different funny moments when, for example, someone pronounces a character incorrectly and the meaning of words becomes absurd.

Sofia Aslamova:

It is hard for me to assess the improvement of language level, but I would like to mention the definite progress in vocabulary and speaking, grammar became better, and speech comprehension became easier. Although it's hard to listen to and got Chinese grammar with my vocabulary, it was a lot of stress. I want to say that, nevertheless, in today's world it is a very good alternative to live lessons, with full immersion in the language environment.

Victoria Tolkacheva:

Online language immersion is a great way to improve your language level and interact with native speakers in real time. I would recommend the educational training at Anshan Normal University to other students. I advise you to correctly determine your language level at the starting point.


Cooperation between Irkutsk State University (ISU) and Anshan Normal University (ANU) began in 2014.

Within the framework of cooperation, students of the ISU (Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communication, Pedagogical Institute, Institute of Law, Faculty of History) study the Chinese language and culture of China at ANU. In their turn, Chinese students study Russian as a foreign language at ISU. Before the pandemic, student exchanges took place every semester.

The cooperation also includes summer schools of Russian or/and English for Chinese students and language summer schools for Russian students.