ISU entered “Baikal Plastic-Free Eco-Association”
24 May 2022

The memorandum was signed on May 18, 2022 in Irkutsk.

Among the founders there is En+ Group, ISU, supermarket chain “Slata”, RT-NEO company, Sberbank, Grand Baikal company, Center for Baikal region development, federal state-funded organizations “Zapovednoe Pribaikalye” and Baikal Nature Reservation, “Give life to the planet” charity foundation. 

Members of the Association stand for reduction and special rules of circulation of goods and industrial products containing materials based on plastics, polymers and other artificial high-molecular chemical compounds (from disposable tableware and plastic bags to synthetic fibers used in clothes) in the central eco-zone of Baikal natural territory and in the Baikal region. The Association is going to provide the Baikal region with infrastructure of separate waste collection, develop local recycling system, and also stand for popularization of eco-culture.

After signing the memorandum on May 18, a round table "Baikal Plastic-Free: fiction or reality" was held. The participants discussed the condition of the lake, problems of waste management and unorganized tourism, as well as the prospects of volunteer movement. ISU rector professor Alexander Schmidt (Dr. of Sciences (Chemistry)) took part in the round table and mentioned that despite all the positive qualities of plastic, irresponsible use of it is a very serious and global problem.