Foreign Students and Russian Language Research
24 May 2022

ISU Department of Linguistics and Linguodidactics at the International Institute of Economics and Linguistics held the 19th Interuniversity Student Conference "Urgent problems of Modern Russian Language Studies". The event was held online on April 28. The conference was attended by 30 foreign students of Irkutsk universities.


The purpose of the conference is to discuss topical issues of teaching Russian to foreign students, modern linguistic concepts in the theory and practice of teaching Russian as a foreign language, and ways to popularize the Russian language abroad.


The topics of the participants’ speeches were devoted to:


  • Problems of Linguoculturology and Intercultural Communication;
  • Active development processes in the vocabulary and grammar of modern Russian, European and Asian languages;
  • Methods of teaching foreign languages and Russian as a foreign language


Priority areas for further research are outlined, a collection of materials with the RSCI citation index will be prepared for publication.