Not Just Kimchi: A Cuisine Tradition in Korean Culture and Language
31 March 2022

The book with extraordinary and delicious title has been published in the "Words and People" series under the ISU Popular Science Library Project.

The author of the book is Dr Olga Kuznetsova, PhD in Philology, dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the ISU Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communication. Her research interests include Asia-Pacific regional studies, Asia-Pacific diplomacy, and problems of teaching languages and cultures of the APR. She is the author and co-author of monographs in the “Transdisciplinary Region Studies” series.

Dr Olga Kuznetsova:

Most foreigners are familiar with only one dish of Korean cuisine, kimchi, although in reality there is a huge number of them. Readers will get to know what influenced the formation of traditional Korean cuisine, the peculiarities of royal cuisine, and culinary etiquette, which differs in many ways from the Russian cuisine.

Koreans cherish their ancient traditions including holiday rituals with specially prepared dishes. The symbolism of various treats mandatory on the holiday table even today, is also described in the book. A separate section is devoted to how the food is reflected in the proverbs of the Korean people.

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