We are different, but the Russian language united us:
18 February 2022
adrian heloise anna

ISU Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communication foreign students from Laos, Germany and France shared their impressions about life and study in Russia.

Ms Annamanikham BANNAVONG (Laos), 3rd-year student:

I am studying Linguistics. My profile is linguistic support for entrepreneurial activity. I chose ISU because my parents graduated from this university, and I wanted to come here too. My parents met here, my father came from Laos, and my mother was born here - in Russia. Dad was studying Journalism, and mum was studying the Russian language and literature. Mum's friend from the dormitory introduced them to each other.

My first impression when I arrived in Irkutsk was “how cold it is here and beautiful outside”.

I like that there are many parks and places to go for a walk. Everything is very charming and people are very friendly. However, I have difficulty living in Russia, because I'm not a big fan of cold, sometimes I just want to wrap up in a blanket and not go anywhere. That is why I spend a lot of time in the dormitory because sometimes it's too cold to go for a walk outside. After finishing my studies at ISU I will go home to Laos.

Mr Adrian HUEFFEL (Germany), an exchange student from Kiel University, a student of the ISU Russian as a foreign language non-degree course:

I am studying the Russian language at ISU. I’ve chosen ISU, because it has a very good reputation, offers good language courses, and is a partner university of my university in Germany. When I arrived in Irkutsk, I was surprised how hot is here in the summer and how different the city is from European ones. I am most wondered by the people, they are the kindest and friendliest here. The nature here is unique. There is something for everyone in Russia. Words are not enough to describe the diversity of Russia. You should feel it! If we speak about difficulties with studying or living in Russia, it is like in Germany: the most difficult thing is the bureaucracy, but the university staff helps us with that. Our university offers many interesting excursions, many thanks to our teachers. I also meet up with friends from Russia, we walk a lot and admire the beautiful views. I didn’t decide what to do next to graduation yet, but in the future, I would like to work and live in Russia.

Ms Heloise Jeanne Elise DENIS (France), a student of the ISU Russian as a foreign language non-degree course:

I am studying the Russian language for foreign students at ISU. The reason to choose ISU was a desire to study in a non-European city like Irkutsk. I had to choose between Moscow and Irkutsk. I chose Irkutsk and ISU, and I am very happy with this choice. My first impressions were quite sad because I was very tired at the time. But when I saw the embankment of the Angara River, I liked Irkutsk immediately. I love the people, they are very kind and generous. At first glance, it may seem that people in Russia are insensible, but when you get to know them, you realize that this impression is wrong. I also like the cold outside.

I didn't have any difficulties related to studying or living in Russia, everything is fine now. I met people from the French department and we organized a conversation club together every Wednesday. I often go on holidays. I go to shopping centers with friends. And next semester I might do an internship at Alliance Française. After my training at ISU ends, I will return to France, where I will continue to learn Russian because this language is important for my future.

@ Irkutsk university newspaper