Higher education for senior school leavers from Uzbekistan
3 June 2021

In May Irkutsk State University took part in the 19th International Exhibition "Education and Career-2021” held in Farg’ona (Uzbekistan).

At the EXPO, ISU was presented by ISU International office managers -  Dr. Yulia Elokhina, and Mrs. Irina Khomyakova, who delivered bright presentations of the educational programmes ISU offers. They also told about the benefits of studying at ISU as well as conducted consultation with the senior school students and with teachers.

Irina Khomyakova, international students advisor of ISU International office:

- Russian higher education is highly valued abroad. Our diplomas are recognized in many foreign companies, and graduates easily confirm the qualifications obtained at ISU. In recent years, Irkutsk State University managed to build up a sustainable cooperation with Uzbekistan. We offer the educational programs that are in high demand in Uzbekistan. Alumni of those majors will be able to increase the level of economic development and strengthen competitiveness of Uzbekistan.”

As a result of the exhibition, ISU International office staff have noted that school students from Uzbekistan are especially interested in such majors as Management, Computer Science, Teachers Education, Linguistics (English, German, Japanese, Korean languages).

Today there are 82 students from Uzbekistan studying at ISU.