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How to enter Russia
15 July 2021

- At least 10 days before the date of arriving students have to inform isu international office by e-mails:

- Not earlier than 3 days before the date of arriving, you have to run a test for covid-19 infection (pcr method). if the result is negative, you have to obtain the relevant document in your country (in english or in russian)

- In 72 hours after arriving you have to run a test for the second time. while waiting for the outcome of testing, you have to self-isolate at the place of your residence in irkutsk. in the period of self-isolation,students have online classes. for those having the positive test results, attending offline classes is strictly prohibited

- Students pay their own expenses (connected with testing, food, living costs, etc)

- If you happen to have the first symptoms of covid (fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough), you must immediately report the isu international office (managers to contact: mrs. irina khomyakova and mrs. lyudmila ganusenko) and call for a doctor (103 or 112)

To ask further questions:

+7 3952 521-975