The project of ISU scientists supported by a Grant from the President of the Russian Federation
1 March 2021

The neurophysiology project headed by Denis Aksenov-Gribanov, PhD in Biology, a researcher of Irkutsk State University, is supported by a grant of the President of the Russian Federation.

The project named “The Translating of the Potential of Psychrophilic Microorganisms of Lake Baikal for Neurophysiology” is aimed at finding natural compounds in the Baikal ecosystem that have antioxidant and neurogenic activity.

“Research projects in the field of neurophysiology and neurochemistry seem to be completely new to us, and therefore the project poses us some interesting challenges, which we have not faced before. Ten years ago, after completing a degree programme in physiology, I could not assume that in 2021 this direction would develop and would lie on the border of microbiology, ecology, physiology and biotechnology. It is winter now, and a lot of work will start soon. In conducting our research, we faced with the challenge of using modern methods of molecular biotechnology to identify a new group of microorganisms adapted to living at low temperatures and, at the same time, a high oxygen content in the environment. The nearest lakes where such research could be carried out are in Antarctica. Thus, we have an opportunity, using the natural adaptation mechanisms of microorganisms, to identify new and useful molecules,”- Denis Aksenov-Gribanov commented on.

For two years of the project, scientists are planning to estimate the biosynthetic potential of cold-loving microorganisms.