Isu - News - Joint Sakigake-Symposium on Chemistry Joint Sakigake-Symposium on Chemistry
Joint Sakigake-Symposium on Chemistry
24 February 2021

Scientists from Kanazawa University (Japan) and Irkutsk State University discussed modern trends in chemistry research during the expert seminar on January 27. At the symposium, they also considered the possible areas of cooperation and internship programs for students in scientific laboratories of both universities.

“I am glad that our meeting did take place in the context of the restrictions arising from the spread of the new coronavirus infection. I really hope that this webinar will help to establish closer scientific and educational ties between the departments and research groups of the two universities and to plan further student internships in the research laboratories for the next year. It should be noted that young scientists play a key role in promising joint projects,”– Dmitry Suslov, director of the Research Institute for Oil and Coal Chemical Synthesis of Irkutsk State University commented on.

Professors Yuji Kikukawa and Takuya Suga from Kanazawa University made presentations during the webinar. Young researchers represented ISU as well: Anna Kurokhtina, Tatiana Sokolnikova, and Vladimir Orel. The scientists shared the results of their latest developments in the chemistry of polyoxometalates, triazole- and tetrazole-containing compounds, as well as the development of new kinetic methods for studying catalytic processes, quantum chemistry and catalytic organic synthesis.

The session was followed by a round-table discussion chaired by Professor Yoshihito Hayashi, a round table was dedicated to the development of areas for joint collaboration between research laboratories of the two universities.