ISU Brand Promotion
19 February 2021

There are two new official accounts of Irkutsk State University - on Telegram and Instagram.

The new official accounts of ISU are aimed at foreign citizens, including potential applicants, university students and partners. Subscribers get more information about ISU, university staff, educational programs and student’s life.

There can be found some posts about Irkutsk region and Lake Baikal, various important and interesting places for foreigners to visit. Information about the cultural life of Irkutsk is presented as well. In addition, it is planned to present reviews and comments from foreign students about their study experience at ISU and the life in Siberia.

“English is considered to be an international language and takes the third place in the number of native speakers worldwide. In addition, in many countries, English is the second language and it is taught at universities. That is why new ISU accounts in English show the next step that Irkutsk State University is making towards an expansion of international cooperation and popularization of the university's brand,” - Lyudmila Khobta, head of the information policy department of ISU comments on.