Retraining program in Management and Economics
3 February 2021

The International Institute of Economics and Linguistics of Irkutsk State University provides a unique opportunity to obtain a professional retraining diploma "Management and Economics" on the basis of an existing diploma of higher or secondary vocational education in 3.5 months! The form of education is distance learning.

What is professional retraining?

Professional retraining is a type of additional professional program. The completion of the program is confirmed by the issuance of a diploma of professional retraining of the Irkutsk State University (standard).

Conditions for admission to the program

Persons with secondary vocational and (or) higher education are allowed to master the professional retraining program. For foreign citizens nostrification is required (it is the procedure for recognizing a foreign education). The nostrification in the Russian Federation of foreign education and (or) foreign qualifications is understood as the official confirmation of the significance (level) of education and (or) qualifications obtained in a foreign state, with the granting of their academic, professional and (or) other rights to the holder. The decision on the nostrification of foreign education and (or) foreign qualifications is made by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science (Rosobrnadzor). You can see the rules of the nostrification procedure on the website of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Eastern Siberia http://vs.tpprf.ru.

What is professional retraining "Management and Economics"?

The program "Management and Economics" is aimed at obtaining the competencies which are necessary to perform a new type of professional activity such as consulting on business and management issues, regulation, and assistance in the effective conduct of the economic activities of the organization.

A trainee graduated from this program is ready for the following activities:

development of a financial plan for a client and a target investment portfolio,

preparation of initial data for drawing up projects of financial, economic, production and commercial activities (business plans) of the organization to ensure the growth of sales volumes and increase profits,

formation and verification of plans for the financial and economic development of the organization,

control over the progress of fulfillment of planned targets for the organization and its subdivisions, the use of on-farm reserves,

the formation of an economic setting of tasks or their individual stages.

You can view the curriculum of the program here.

Tuition fee: 25,000 rubles.

How to sign up for the program:

You need to fill in an application form and send it to e-mail at kafedra_miel@mail.ru

All your questions will be personally answered in an e-mail and you will be explained about the further stages of being enrolled in the program.

When do classes start?

Classes begin after the formation of a group (at least 10 people).

You can apply for training until March 1, 2021.

Working languages: English and Russian