Isu Great Achievements of ISU International Students in Russian as a Foreign Language
Great Achievements of ISU International Students in Russian as a Foreign Language
21 December 2021

ISU international students from the Institute of Economics and Linguistics successfully performed their reports during the 17th Cross-Russian Olympiad on Russian as a Foreign Language.

International Students of 19 Russian universities from 29 countries took part in the Olympiad, among them were 2 ISU students Ms. Wang Ting and Ms. Jiang Man. The criteria for evaluation were essay, video projects on the topic "Russia is a country of great professional opportunities," activity in the quiz on Russian lifestyle.

The 4th year student who specializes in linguistics, Ms. Wang Ting from China, achieved the best result. Ms. Wang became a winner in 2 nominations “Expert in Russian History and Geography” and “Best Video Project”.

Wang Ting comments on:

-It was a useful experience because I realized that the Russian language should be integrated into everyday life to comprehend Russian culture. The Olympiad allowed me to meet many outstanding students from different countries. I love Russia and the Russian Language as well as my university and lecturers. 

Ms. Jiang Man comments on:

- I became closer to Russian culture, got more about the kindness of Russians, moreover, come across people learning Russian. Although we are all from different places on the Earth, now we are together and we speak the same language.

The Contest was held online under the support of the “Russkiy Mir” Foundation and the Russian Association of Russian Language and Literature Teachers in the area of Russian, RUDN University. 

Dr. Eugenia Kolodina, head of the Department of Linguistics and Linguodidactics, emphasized that

-Even though the results have been summarized, our work is still ongoing. The Olympiad will be followed by the publication of a collection, which will include the best-written works of students, texts of video projects, small scientific articles, feedback and wishes of the participants.