Isu ISU Scientists Created the Databases on Emission Sources in Irkutsk Region
ISU Scientists Created the Databases on Emission Sources in Irkutsk Region
21 December 2021

The Databases on emission sources and population morbidity were created under the Federal Grant by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Irkutsk region Government at ISU.

Except for databases, ISU scientists have also constructed multi-temporal maps. Maps indicate the areas of heat anomalies, including urban heat islands of Irkutsk region. Researchers assessed the availability of green spaces in the region's major population centers, determined by the status of protective zones as well.

Dr. Sayana Vologzhina, project supervisor, dean of ISU Faculty of Geography, explains:

Irkutsk region is one of the regions wherein the level of atmosphere pollution exceeds the maximum permissible norms, and consequently, the health of the inhabitants of these settlements suffers. Due to atmospheric processes, this pollution may be transferred to long distances. Therefore, it is especially important to conduct a comprehensive ecological and climatic study of the Irkutsk region.

The project for complex environmental and climatic research of the territory of Irkutsk region in conditions of climate change and increased anthropogenic load, affecting the geo-ecological risks of health and life of the population of Eastern Siberia, have been conducted for two years by the scientists of the ISU Departments of Hydrology and Nature Management and Meteorology and Physics of Near-Earth Space. The project is scheduled to come to an end in 2022. The amount of the allocation from the project’s grantmakers is 500 000 roubles.

The obtained results can be used for making management decisions by regional authorities, to carry out a spatial planning as well as to help to form a strategy for sustainable development of the region.