Isu - News - Economic Aspects of Gastronomy Tourism in Russia and Europe: Participants' Feedback Economic Aspects of Gastronomy Tourism in Russia and Europe: Participants' Feedback
Economic Aspects of Gastronomy Tourism in Russia and Europe: Participants' Feedback
29 November 2021

Last week, November 24th, V International Scientific and Practical Conference “Economic Aspects of Gastronomy Tourism in Russia and Europe” finished.


The participants shared with us their impression and made short comments on the results of the conference:

* Spelling was kept as in the original paper.



I really appreciated this conference, to learn and discover so many typical dishes (especially the one for weddings). I didn’t know about the Baïkal lake and the way it provides many different types of water. Also the cultural influences on food was very interesting. Religious monuments were one of my favorite parts, just to see a monument gathering all the religions. It’s so beautiful and surprising to see such a thing. It’s such a pity for me to not be aware of what Russia has to offer, festivals and so on. Thank you for sharing your culture.


I really appreciated this conference because I was able to discover a bit of Russian culture and I did not expect such a gastronomic and cultural diversity. It is true that I saw the Russians as rough and drinking vodka regularly, but this conference showed me another vision of the country.


I enjoyed the conference a lot! It was a Nice intercultural experience and I discovered the russian culture, and I didn't expect the regions was so various! There are so many different identities, landscapes, flavours. It was a nice experience to share ideas between countries, I liked the spirit, and we have different way of working. Now I'd like to discover more about the country. Thank you for your presentation, Best wishes to all the participants!


That's was a real pleasure to share this conference. It's always interesting to learn about different cultures and the Russian Gastronomy because it's not easy for us and I think for you to discover another culture just with the internet. The fact we present each other our gastronomy Can give a personal point of view and give some life to the presentation. I really appreciate the discovery of all this culture by some passionate people about their country. Thanks for everything, and I wish you the best!


This conference allowed us to know more about Russia and its gastronomy. Personally, I barely knew about this country so it was really interesting. When we talk about Russia, we often only think about Moscow, so I was quite impressed to discover the different

regions, the landscapes and of course, the food. It was a real time of sharing and I love these types of exchanges! I definitely want to taste Russian specialties.


I really enjoy this conference. We learn about Russian culture in tourism and Gastronomy. It was also the occasion to learn how Russian people work. Finally, I want to visit Russia now, thanks to their presentation of their country.


Thanks to this conference I have been able to learn more about the great continent such as Russia. It may be my point of view but I specifically do not know much about Russia and I liked knowing what culture and gastronomy are like since it is new to me.

I really want to visit the lake and try the delicious food that they have taught us with so much love.


I am very glad to be able to be part of the conference and I feel I got a stronger sense of what Russian culture and Russian gastronomy. I know the lake Baykal because it’s on the Asia side of Russia and really near the border of Mongolia and China. I'm very impressed with the way they extract fresh water from the lake and maintain the sustainability on the local environment. I am also glad to learn that it’s also an amazing site to visit even in the winter. And then I am so impressed by the typical Russian dishes, especially the food they would prepare for the wedding. And when they present the typical food like Adjarian Khachapuri and Khashlama and Saj I could imagine what it would taste like. For our presentation, if we can do it one more time we’ll try to make it more appealing and coherent and put more pictures in it and improve the efficiency of teamwork.


The presentations were very interesting. As a Mexican student that comes from the other side of the world, I'm very thankful to the Russian teachers and students for sharing the knowledge. Now I really want to go to Russia and try all your amazing food and beverages. I think you, Russian people, are really easy to get along with and meeting local people and having the pleasure to eat with them it's the best way to get to know the true culture of the country.


I am very thankful to the Russian students. Their presentations were all interesting and helped us to know a bit about their region, the Baïkal lake, and their gastronomy. It made me even more eager to discover the culture of this vast country. Thank you for your work and your commitment!

Alena Stanitskaya

The topic of the conference turned out to be very interesting. It was fascinating to listen to both French students and our guys from the institute. I learned something new, and I had a great time. This is an interesting experience for me, so I am glad that I was able to participate in this conference’.

Elizaveta Kravtsova

It was a wonderful experience for me to take part in this conference. The reports were very informative, all the students from Russia and France really did their best and performed very well. I am really glad that I took part in the conference and was able not only to hear interesting reports referring to the Gastronomic tourism, but also to practice my English. Thank you very much for this opportunity, it was incredible!

Elena Doronina

The conference was held at the highest level, extensive experience of communication in English was obtained. It was interesting to learn and see the peculiarities of gastronomic tourism both domestically and abroad. I am very grateful to the Department of European Languages and to Savoy University for organizing and conducting the conference.

Agniia Nagoslaeva

I really appreciate such interesting reports from French students. Thanks to them, I was able to learn a lot about Lyon as a center of gastronomy tourism in France. Now I really want to visit this city. I also learned a lot from the reports of our Russian students, despite the fact that I live in Russia. In general, I want to say that the conference was very informative and fruitful and I am really glad that I participated in it. It was a wonderful experience and a good opportunity to practice the language.

Anna Pochekunina

Thank you for a very interesting program. I'm always interested in talking to foreigners. And this time I had the opportunity to listen to the French and learn more about their culture. It would be amazing if this conference was offline. But due to the fact that we are very far from each other, I think it's a good idea to organize online conferences.