Developing Contemporary Ornithology
5 October 2021

XV International Ornithological Conference dedicated to the memory of academician M.A. Menzbir was held at Irkutsk State University.

The main purpose of the Conference was to summarize and discuss the results of research since the previous ornithological conference (2015, Almaty). Participants presented their reports on current topics of Modern Fundamental and Practical Ornithology. During the scientific event the prospects of Ornithological research in the North Eurasian region were outlined as well.

Scientists raised the issues connected to the preparation and publication of Faunistic studies and reviews. They also focused on popularization of Ornithology and its further sustainable development including conservation and rational use of birds, educational aspects, and the history of Bird studies in Northern Eurasia.

More than 100 specialists in Ornithology from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, USA and Turkmenistan took part in the Conference (almost 40 participants joined the Conference online, including foreign participants).