It’s time to say good bye
17 August 2021

Dear friends,
The summertime is coming to an end. Somebody is about to join ISU’s team, while somebody has already finished studying at our University. Today we would like to tell you about one of the most outstanding ISU alumni - Mr. Abe Kodai. Mr. Abe Kodai comes from Japan. He has recently graduated from ISU and shares his impressions about studying at ISU with us.
He started to learn in Irkutsk in 2013. He has studied for 8 years and over this time he has managed to win some scholarships, to become the participant of the conferences on Russian Language and Linguistics as well as to expand his social contacts by making friends with Russian students. Mr. Abe spent time with his friends and groupmates, thus, he mastered his language skills. Abe Kodai got new experience and became an open-minded person, who knows a lot about different peoples, cultures and customs.
Mr. Abe Kodai suggests the Institute of Philology, Foreign languages and Media communication of ISU to be a unique place to study at because here everyone has possibility to increase the awareness of international diversity and Russian language features.
Mr. Abe Kodai points out that the lecturers, who have trained him, always support students and the students get useful knowledge. Mr. Abe Kodai hopes that acquired skills would help him to build up a successful career.
This year he has finished his long and interesting path at ISU. For the recent 2 years he has been a student of Master Degree Programme in Russian as a foreign language. He had to work hard and do many assignments at home.
Now it’s time to say goodbye.
Dear Abe Kodai, we are proud of you and we will miss you much!

Great luck!