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Summer School for Foreign Students
16 August 2021

Summer school of Russian language organized by the ISU Pre-degree faculty has completed.

Participants of the short-term (two weeks) online intensive course are foreign students, who are planning to enter ISU and wishing to improve their knowledge of the Russian language. The training program was formed with the inclusion of educational online excursions, such as "Irkutsk is the middle of the Earth", "Cultural Life of Irkutsk: Museums and Theaters", "Lake Baikal: the Small Sea and Olkhon Island"," Listvyanka Settlement".

Ms Irina Belousova, Dean of the Pre-degree Faculty for Foreigners:

- Participants actively worked on the grammar of the Russian language, got acquainted with the vocabulary, got new knowledge about the culture of Russia, the history of Irkutsk and Irkutsk region.

The teachers of the faculty noted that the level of students' knowledge of the Russian language has significantly increased.

Listeners gave their feedback:

- Summer courses helped me a lot. It let me systematize my knowledge. The teachers taught us patiently. I also learned a lot about Irkutsk, and it allows me to get to know its culture and history better.

- During the course I learned a lot of new words, a lot of grammar rules. I realized that I wanted to live and study in Irkutsk. Of course, there are many things I need to learn. I am sure that I can and will definitely graduate from Irkutsk State University.

- I really liked these summer courses. It was wonderful to get a lot of new things, e.g. I studied the grammar of the Russian language, visited Irkutsk via a virtual tour.