ISU Students Go to the Republic of Korea for an Internship
21 July 2021

ISU students, who won the GKS scholarship competition (Global Korea Scholarship), will go for an educational internship to the Republic of Korea in August. They will be studying during the semester at Pai Chai University in Daejeon – ISU partner university.

Ms Evgeniia Kolodina – Head of the Department of Oriental Languages at the ISU International Institute of Economics and Linguistics:

- Our university had a positive experience of participation in the Global Korea Scholarship program in 2017, but only master degree students could apply. This year our bachelor degree students managed to get the scholarship. Also, we are glad, that both submitted applications have been approved.

Among the winners were third-year students of the ISU International Institute of Economics and Linguistics – Ms Daria Stankova and Ms Anastasia Kopeikina. The scholarship covers education fees, air transfers to and from Korea, accommodation, and insurance.

Ms Daria Stankova:

- I specialize in economics and the Korean language. For almost a year I have been working on the topic - the nine bridges of Russian-Korean trade and economic cooperation. I think that studying in Korea will allow me to deepen into this area in order to qualify for a master's degree in the future.

Ms Anastasia Kopeikina:

- We study not only the economic interaction between Korea and Russia. For a better understanding of the country, we listen to lectures about culture, ethnography, business communication, therefore, we get broad knowledge. I am grateful to the university for the given opportunity and to our teachers for their assistance in filling in the application forms.