ISU Scientist Wins the Grant Competition of the Russian Science Foundation
14 July 2021

Dr Elizaveta Larina, ISU young scientist, became one of the winners in the Russian Science Foundation's grant competition. Her research is supported by a grant in the amount of 2.7 million rubles.

Dr Larina works for the ISU Institute of Petroleum and Coal Chemical Synthesis. Her scientific interest lies in reactions of organic synthesis, which are catalyzed by Palladium. It is an extremely relevant area of modern chemistry. The compounds obtained in this process are used in the production of chemical products - primarily, as raw materials for obtaining polymeric products with specified properties, as well as pharmaceutical and agrochemical products.

Ms Elizaveta Larina presented her project No. 21-73-00137 “Studying the mechanism of activation of substrates under the conditions of a synthetically significant Sonogashira coupling to create simple effective ligandless «catalytic systems».

Ms Elizaveta Larina:

- Understanding this process will become a necessary basis for increasing the efficiency of obtaining various practically important types of products formed under the conditions of the Sonogashira coupling. The use of the developed experimental protocols is supposed to increase its efficiency in the synthesis of important products of the modern chemical industry and to increase their availability for the users, by reducing the cost of the reaction and its implementation.

Elizaveta Larina's project is supported by a grant within the 2021 competition for the «Initiative Research by Young Scientists» event of the President's Program of Research Projects implemented by leading scientists, including young scientists. In total, according to the results of this competition, there are 469 supported projects of young scientists.