New Research Programs in the field of Biotechnology and Neurochemistry
22 October 2020

The delegation from Irkutsk State University visited Krasnoyarsk State Medical University as a part of a working visit aimed at the development of Neurobiotechnology studies at ISU. The implementation of this study is expected to start at the ISU laboratory "Pharmaceutical Biotechnology" in close cooperation with the Faculty of Biology and Soil Studies.

The main activity of the laboratory is the screening of natural compounds with physiological activity, and the specific organisms that synthesize low molecular weight natural products. These organisms are presented by both ancient microorganisms of Lake Baikal and the simplest plants or fungi. Nowadays, the project of the Russian Science Foundation dedicated to the biotechnology of gastronomic delicacies - truffles - is being implemented at the laboratory. Even though the geographical origin of these fungi is non-Siberian, the role of these organisms as factories for the biosynthesis of new neuroactive molecules should be noted.

"Colleagues from Krasnoyarsk have a unique scientific complex: it is the only one of its kind located in Siberian region, with some scientific instruments installed in Krasnoyarsk represented in a single copy in Russia. The experience of colleagues in the field of cultivation of nerve cells and tissues of the blood-brain barrier allows us to test the effectiveness of different molecules - candidates for the therapy of Parkinson's or Alzheimer's diseases," - noted the head of the laboratory, Dr. Denis Aksenov-Gribanov.

The parties agreed to develop the scientific direction "Biotechnology and neurochemistry" on Lake Baikal. The perspective of studying Baikal organisms in the focuses of fundamental and applied studies has repeatedly been presented in scientific publications. "Lake Baikal is a card index of biological effects, and it remains an unexplored object for Neurophysiology and Neurochemistry," - Dr. Denis Aksenov-Gribanov commented on. Thus, a new direction of study opens up broad prospects for new research projects and developments for ISU scientists.