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ISU International Alumni-2020
17 July 2020

This year more than 2000 alumni graduate from ISU, among them students from foreign countries.   They share their experience of studying at ISU with us.

Mr. Miao Zhi Qiang, citizen of China, graduated from ISU International Institute of Economics and Linguistics, defended his Diploma Project “Russian idioms as a reflection of Russian and Chinese culture”. He mentioned that the difficulty of the topic, spelling problems, punctuation and correct pronunciation challenged him.

“My scientific supervisor, Mrs. Irina Belousova, Associate professor of ISU Institute of Economics and Linguistics, provided much assistance to me. She controlled my draft papers in time and told me what I had to correct. Dr. Belousova gave me some pieces of advice for my project, and, before the defending Diploma she helped me to train the correct pronunciation. It was nice to work with her and I’m very grateful to her. I also want to thank my first teacher of Russian Language, Mrs. Tatyana Vedernikova. She made me see a growing interest to Russian language during my training at ISU Preparatory course.” – Mr. Miao Zhi Qiang, commented on. 

Mr. Kim Taewan, citizen of the Republic of Korea, Bachelor Degree holder, also told about his Diploma Project. He highlighted that he studied and compared kinetic idioms in Russian and Korean languages.

“It was completely difficult to find information about Korean sign idioms, and furthermore understand it, though I’m a Korean. I found it rather complicated to type the text down correctly as well. I can say that my training process was successful because of good lecturers. ISU provided an opportunity to meet other foreigners for communication. The key was that I obtained unique knowledge.” – Mr. Kim Taewan noted.       

Mr. Malavanh Vilatha, citizen of Laos, graduated from ISU Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media communication this year. He reviewed political and social-economic history of Laos as well as relations between Laos and Russia. He noted that a comprehensive approach to the history of Laos and the elaboration of proposals to improve the current situation with international Laos Studies were among the difficulties.

“During my studies at ISU I got not only knowledge, but good experience. Here, in Irkutsk, there is an ethnic variety; there are numbers of foreign students and faculties. I would like to recommend my educational programme: “Regional Studies” for those interested in foreign languages and regions. I’m sure, that they get something more than education,” – Mr. Malavanh Vilatha, commented on.

It should be noted that the main feature of spring semester 2019 – 2020 is a distant form of training and defending diploma projects on-line due the COVID-19 crisis. ISU Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media communication’s graduate, Ms. Zi Congcong, considers that it was a hard challenge for international students. She defended her diploma project on the syntax characteristics of the verbal nouns:

“It was so hard for me to find any information on specialized Russian web-sites, because there was no access to these web-sites with Chinese IP-address. It made me buy some Apps. One more difficulty was the absence of working environment because of distant learning from home. Online-defending have caused me some troubles because of uncertainty in the quality of Internet-connection. However, everything went successfully.” 

ISU Foreign alumni talk about their scientific supervisors with gratitude, because supervisors not only helped them in preparation of Diploma projects, but encouraged and motivated students.

“I want to thank all of my lecturers for my knowledge, and, especially, for my Russian language skills. I experienced Russian culture and learned to communicate with other nations. Now I’m looking at the world in a different way: with my eyes open, as Russians say. I’m going to come back to Istanbul, and I am very upset because I fell in love with Russia and Irkutsk,” – Can Alper, citizen of Turkey, graduate of ISU International Institute of Economics and Linguistics, commented on.