Isu - News - Irkutsk State University Expressed its Gratitude to ISU Foreign Lecturers Irkutsk State University Expressed its Gratitude to ISU Foreign Lecturers
Irkutsk State University Expressed its Gratitude to ISU Foreign Lecturers
29 June 2020

On June 25th, Prof. Alexander Schmidt, ISU acting rector, and Prof. Konstantin Grigorichev, Vice-rector for Research and International Cooperation, thanked ISU foreign lecturers for their work and high level of teaching.  

“I believe that the situation caused by the spread of the COVID-19 made you think whether to stay in Irkutsk or return to your home country. However, all of you decided to stay in Irkutsk and continue working. On behalf of Irkutsk State University let me express our warm gratitude for your diligent work, high level of teaching standards as well as for your commitment to teaching. Let me thank you and express our hope forfurther fruitful cooperation,” – Prof. Alexander Schmidt, ISU acting rector, commented on.  

At present, there are 11 foreign lecturers (citizens of China, Japan and Spainworking for ISU Institute of Economics and Linguistics, ISU Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media communication, and ISU Pedagogical Institute. Some of them have been working for ISU for a long time. For example, Chinese language lecturer – Mr. Han Kuan. 15 years ago he entered ISU Pre-degree Course and after finishing the course he studied at ISU International Institute of Economics and Linguistics. Finally, he joined ISU teaching staff.    

ISU Foreign lecturers not only teach, but take an active part in otheractivities. For example, they always lead and organize various language contests, workshops, summer schools and webinars. They are always ready to assist studentsas well. In spring semester 2019-2020 when ISU started conducting the educational process online, ISU foreign lecturers were the first to shift for a distance learning and share their experience with other teachers and students.

-“Meetings with ISU foreign lecturers are going to be regular – we expect to discuss current issues and new ideas not less than once a semester. Ihope that it will be an opportunity for an elaboration of new directions and forms of working at ISU as well as for productive collaboration with foreign partners, - Prof. Konstantin Grigorichev, Vice-rector for Research and International Cooperation, noted.