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Humanitarian Aid from Mongolia
3 June 2020

The Mongolian Association of Graduates of the Russian (Soviet) Higher Education Institutions has donated 15 000 medical face masks to the citizens of Irkutsk. Association representatives graduated from ISU played a leading role in fund-raising process.

“For a period of 2 weeks 150 000 roubles were collected and masks were brought to Irkutsk.” – D. Tsolzogmaa, ISU graduate, commented on.

It should be noted that it is the second time for the Mongolian Association to deliver the aid during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Solidarity and assistance are especially important in such a challenging period of time. Closed borders heavily influenced our daily life and economic relationships. However, disease spread can not influence our cooperation with Mongolian partners that is based on the mutual trust and friendship. We are glad to know that ISU graduates are playing a big part in keeping friendly collaboration between cities and regions,” – Prof. Konstantin Grigorichev, Vice Rector for Research and International Cooperation, commented on.