ISU Scientific Research Institute for Legal Protection of Lake Baikal
15 April 2020

ISU Scientific Research Institute for Legal Protection of Lake Baikal was founded in May, 2018. The Institute operates in close cooperation with Baikal Interregional Environmental Prosecutor’s Office in a variety of spheres, including monitoring and analysis of law enforcement activities over the Baikal conservation area, conducting legal review and regulation in environmental issues, etc. In the field of environmental protection and natural resource use, fruitful cooperative work is done with designated federal authorities, state government bodies of Irkutsk region and other federal subjects in Baikal conservation area, and agencies and organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences.          

Scientific research aimed at investigating legal protection of Lake Baikal has been carried out by ISU Law Institute for 25 years. Throughout the period, academic and educational articles, monographs, collected works have been published, practical research conferences, forums and seminars, summer schools of law studies have been organized, thesis research work and expert analysis have been conducted in the field of rule-making and law enforcement. 

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