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Engineering Сenter for Technogenic Raw Materials Recovery
15 April 2020

Engineering Сenter for Technogenic Raw Materials Recovery is a structural division created in 2016 under the supervision of the Research department of Irkutsk State University.  

The primary goal of the Engineering center is to provide services for Russian mining companies in the sphere of geology and mineral processing of technogenic deposits, to assist in project engineering, installing high-quality home-made equipment and providing specialists for maintenance and performance control. 

Primary fields of expertise: 

1. Conducting research and survey aimed at increasing mineral processing capabilities.

2. Providing services related to projecting, installing, and overseeing the maintenance of mineralprocessing equipment and facilities to be used in field work to increase sampling quality.

3. Devising techniques for conducting geological-engineering testing of technogenic depositswith the use of state-of-the-industry mineral processing equipment.

4. Reappraisal of gold-placer mines for the availability of fine-grained gold.

5. Preparing technogenic placer gold deposits for reprocessing of tailings.

6. Carrying out survey work on examining technological properties of materials contained inmine tailings for considering their subsequent reprocessing.

7. Offering services for designing, implementing, and overseeing the effective performance ofprocessing equipment and mobile units to perform geological prospecting work and reprocessing technogenic mineral deposits.

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