International Conference on the occasion of 2020 Bandy World Cup “Physical Training and Sports: Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them”
17 February 2020






         Health аnd Fitness Center of Irkutsk State University invites you to take part in the International Conference on the occasion of 2020 Bandy World Cup “Physical Training and Sports: Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them” held jointly with the Coordination Research and Methodology Center (CRMC) of Physical Education and Sports Departments of the Eurasian Universities Association (EUA) on April 17, 2020 in Irkutsk. The conference proceedings will be published and papers will be included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) database. 

Conference is aimed at developing an innovative approach towards implementation of pedagogical, research and medical aspects of physical training and sports in a higher education institution.

Research and methodological issues on the following topics will be discussed at the Conference:

  1. Social and economic, philosophical and pedagogical, medical and psychological issues of education;
  2. Methodology, planning and organization of physical education in a higher education institution;
  3. Psychological and pedagogical, psychophysiological, ecological, medical and biological aspects of health preservation and promotion;
  4. Health protection technologies in the information and education space (psychological, pedagogical and methodological support);
  5. Physical therapy and adapted physical education;
  6. Monitoring of student's physical development, physical fitness and health;
  7. Role of the Fit for Labor and Defense Fitness Program in encouraging students to go in for physical training and sports;
  8. Physical training and sports management, adoption of modern management techniques.

To register for the conference you need to complete an online form. Click below to access the form: https://forms.gle/U2nvMWkmQrWp18ae7.

Authors will receive an e-certificate and e-copy of the conference proceedings free of charge that will be sent to their e-mails as PDS files.

Please, send your materials to the following e-mails: konstanta2003@inbox.ru, kfv@admin.isu.ru. To name the file use the last name of the first author and first three words of the paper title.

Please, note that the conference registration and paper submission deadline is March 17, 2020. The Organizing Committee would also like to remind that traveling and accommodation expenses are covered by the sending organizations or individuals themselves.

Organizing Committee address:

1, Karl Marx St., Irkutsk, 664003, Russia

(ISU Health and Fitness Center)

Raisa Fedorovna Prokhodovskaya, Full Professor,

ISU Health and Fitness Center Department Head

e-mail: kfv@admin.isu.ru

Ksenia Viktorovna Sukhinina, PhD in Biology, Associate Professor

ISU Health and Fitness Center Department Deputy Head for Research

e-mail: konstanta2003@inbox.ru,

cell phone: +79246079155