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Training Specialists for Japanese Companies
10 February 2020

Irkutsk State University's experience in implementing joint international projects was presented at the Japan-Russia Forum in Tokyo. The forum is a platform for interaction between Russian and Japanese universities, companies and authorities, as well as their partners and other interested organizations that jointly implement projects in the field of education and science.

The report by Tatyana Kuznetsova, international projects manager of ISU International office presented the experience of the University's cooperation with Japanese scientific and educational organizations, as well as Japanese companies interested in training personnel for the development of economic and humanitarian cooperation between two countries. In particular, the report presented the cooperation with the International Department of Ishikawa Prefecture and the Ishikawa prefectural international exchange Foundation, as well as «Mitsui & Co., Ltd» in the field of teaching Russian language to employees, taking into account the professional orientation and requests of partner organizations.

— Given that in recent years, Japanese-Russian relations in the Irkutsk region have been evolving, the mutual need for both countries to train highly qualified personnel, including those with knowledge of Japanese and Russian languages, is increasing. And the agreements reached in the mid-90s between the governments of the two countries on economic issues opened up an excellent prospect for further development of cooperation between Japan and Russia, — said Tatyana Kuznetsova.

The meeting on partnership between universities, business and government was held within the framework of the training Platform for Japanese-Russian economic cooperation and humanitarian exchanges (HaRP). The platform was established by Hokkaido University and Niigata University under a grant from the Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology of Japan in 2017.